IPO: UserTesting, Inc. Date: 17 November 2021

Symbol: USER
Industry: Software
Exchange: NYSE
IPO Price Low: $15
IPO Price High: $17

UserTesting has pioneered a video-first, enterprise-grade software-as-a-service platform that enables organizations to see and hear the experiences of real people as they engage with products, designs, apps, processes, concepts, or brands. To deeply understand what it is actually like to be a customer, organizations need to continuously engage with, listen to, and observe their customers directly. Consumers are accustomed to sharing their thoughts and perspectives through video and online channels. Customer experience solutions must help organizations tap into the rise of this video-first culture to develop a closer connection with their customers and build a deeper understanding that is missing from the data trend lines, charts, and graphs that many organizations rely on today. By understanding customers and their perspectives better, organizations can create better customer experiences that stimulate growth, drive loyalty, and expand market share. Using machine learning, our platform analyzes these perspectives and surfaces key moments of insight rapidly and at scale. This helps organizations to free up time and resources and make better customer experience decisions faster using the power of video to drive alignment and action.

Shares Offered: 14169407
Shares Outstanding: 140852135
Market Cap: 1971929890

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