IPO: Snow Lake Resources Ltd. Date: 19 November 2021

Symbol: LITM
Industry: Metals & Mining
Exchange: NASDAQ
IPO Price Low: $6.5
IPO Price High: $7.5

Snow Lake Resources is an exploration stage mining company engaged in lithium exploration in the province of Manitoba, Canada. Our primary focus is currently conducting exploration for lithium at our 100% owned Thompson Brothers Lithium Project. Our objective is to develop a world-class lithium mine in Manitoba and to become the first fully energy renewable lithium hydroxide producer in North America, strategically located to supply the U.S. “Auto Alley,” from Michigan to the southern United States, and the European battery market via our nearby access to the Hudson Bay Railway and the Port of Churchill. With our commitment to the environment, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, we aim to derive substantial revenues from the sale of lithium hydroxide to the growing EV and battery storage markets in the U.S. and abroad. With access to renewable energy produced in Manitoba, we expect to become the first supplier in North America of lithium mined exclusively with the benefit of power produced from fully sustainable, local sources.

Shares Offered: 3200000
Shares Outstanding: 16210176
Market Cap: 121576320

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