IPO: Maris-Tech Ltd. Date: 02 February 2022

Symbol: MTEK
Industry: Communications Equipment
Exchange: NASDAQ
IPO Price Low: $4.2
IPO Price High: $5.8

Maris-Tech is a provider of remote video, audio, telemetry acquisition, distribution and sharing solutions and products, using high-end digital video, audio and wireless communication technologies. We design, develop, manufacture and commercially sell miniature intelligent video and audio surveillance and communication systems, which are offered as products and solutions for the professional as well as the civilian and home security markets. Our products and solutions are sold as off the shelf, standalone and ready to use products, or as customized components that meet our customers’ requirements and integrate into their systems and products. Our customers include companies operating in the drone, robotic, defense, homeland security, or HLS, intelligence gathering, autonomous vehicle and space markets.

Shares Offered: 3100000
Shares Outstanding: 6674812
Market Cap: 33374060

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