IPO: Hour Loop, Inc. Date: 07 January 2022

Symbol: HOUR
Industry: Internet & Direct Marketing Retail
Exchange: NASDAQ

Hour Loop is an online retailer engaged in e-commerce retailing in the U.S. market. We have operated as a third-party seller on www.amazon.com since 2013. We have also sold merchandise on our website at www.hourloop.com since 2013. We expanded our operations to www.walmart.com in October 2020. To date, we have generated practically all of our revenue as a third-party seller on www.amazon.com and only a negligible amount of revenue from our operations on our website at www.hourloop.com and as a third-party seller on www.walmart.com. We manage more than 100,000 stock-keeping units (“SKUs”). Product categories include home/garden décor, toys, kitchenware, apparels, and electronics. Our primary strategy is to bring most of our vendors product selections to the customers. We have advanced software that assists us in identifying product gaps so we can keep such products in stock year-round including the entirety of the last quarter (holiday season) of the calendar year (“Q4”). In upcoming years, we plan to expand our business rapidly by increasing the number of business managers, vendors and SKUs.

Shares Offered: 1500000
Shares Outstanding: 34800000
Market Cap: 139200000

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