IPO: CinCor Pharma, Inc. Date: 07 January 2022

Symbol: CINC
Industry: Health Care
Exchange: NASDAQ
IPO Price Low: $15
IPO Price High: $17

CinCor Pharma is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing our lead clinical candidate, CIN-107, for the treatment of hypertension and other cardio-renal diseases. We are conducting a Phase 2 clinical trial of CIN-107 in patients whose blood pressure is not controlled despite treatment with three antihypertensive agents and have recently initiated a separate Phase 2 clinical trial in patients with elevated aldosterone levels whose blood pressure is not controlled despite treatment with one antihypertensive agent. In addition to hypertension, we are developing CIN-107 for the treatment of primary aldosteronism and exploring its utility in ameliorating complications of chronic kidney disease.

Shares Offered: 12100000
Shares Outstanding: 36519099
Market Cap: 584305584

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