IPO: Advanced Human Imaging Limited Date: 19 November 2021

Symbol: AHI
Industry: Software-Application
Exchange: NASDAQ
IPO Price Low: $10
IPO Price High: $12

Advanced Human Imaging’s patented technology allows our Partners to supply to individual Users, via our automated technology, the ability to take a series of images of themselves using a smartphone, which delivers accurate and repeatable measurements across an individual’s entire body. These measurements allow the individual to understand his/her dimensions and the physical changes that they are undergoing through diet, exercise and lifestyle modification. Further, the images that we capture also provide the individuals with an understanding of their potential health risks related to certain chronic diseases (including obesity and diabetes). Once the image capture sequence is completed, it supplies those measurements to the Partner’s application, whose contract with the User then determines the manner in which it analyzes/reports the data and/or the potential health risk to the User. Advanced Human Imaging is working towards globalizing our technology in order to assist individuals, communities and populations live healthier lives.

Shares Offered: 1000000
Shares Outstanding: 9557554
Market Cap: 100354317

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