IPO Market 2021

2021 promises to be a very interesting year for IPOs. After some very disappointing debuts in 2019, such as the belly flops of stocks like Uber and Lyfe or the crash of workspace provider WeWork. There currently are 61 IPOs on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. They look to raise a combined $10 billion, In addition, we estimates there are another 60 or more companies preparing for an IPO but have yet to make their plans public.IPO-Exchange will be monitoring the news and offering opinion, discussing opportunities and giving you the tools to make your own informed decisions.

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The excitement of an upcoming IPO market is something to keep your finger on. You can learn about profitable opportunities and sound investment choices by using our research at the new, up-and-coming startup firms in this space!


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Investment in IPO’s has proved very profitable for the lucky few who jumped onboard at the start. The Rivian IPO has been very successful, below is a list of some current and upcoming IPO’s.

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